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Ireland Shows Princess Kate a Royally Good Time

The Duchess of Cambridge tried her hand at archery once again while touring Ireland with Prince William. The last time Princess Kate Middleton drew a bow abroad was in Bhutan in 2016. Her strong public profile powerfully showcases archery, and could inspire many to try the sport.

Kate takes aim as a group of children look on. Photo Credit: People

The royal couple spent two days in Northern Ireland, where they participated in several outdoor activities through local organizations to encourage mental health and wellness, and demonstrate ways for children to participate in sports. While visiting the Roscor Youth Village, they spent time with children the village supports with housing and mental-health services. A small group stood by as Kate tried archery, offering support as she squinted one eye shut and aimed.

Kate laughs with the children after taking her shot. Photo credit: People

Continuing the joy of archery she felt in Bhutan, Kate laughed with the children after the shot. Her enjoyment showed that archery is fun no matter a shot’s outcome. Kate’s form has improved a bit since her Bhutan attempt: She kept her bow arm straighter.

Kate seems to have faired better this time around. Photo Credit: People

It’s unclear in the video which arrow in the target is Kate’s, but every option looks like she shot well. Archery can be therapeutic if you focus and pay attention to your draw. Archery requires calm focus, and provides a wonderful way for children to relax and have fun.

Much like Princess Kate, Princess Diana knew the importance of constructive outlets for children’s mental health and physical development. She worked hard to raise William and Harry with as much normalcy as possible, and encouraged them to play sports. When Prince William met Kate, who grew up valuing sports, they shared a common interest. Kate played tennis, rowed and swam growing up. All those sports require upper-body strength, which serves the duchess well when shooting archery.

Aside from being athletic, Kate knows how to pour a perfect pint. Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Archery and other sports shows that Princess Kate likes connecting with people on a personal level. She and the rest of the royal family jump into games wearing what they have on, which ranges from dresses and heels to jackets and athletic shoes. On this same trip to Ireland, William and Kate also practiced pouring a perfect pint at a pub.

It’s fun watching famous figures practice something we know well, and we hope they enjoy archery as much as we do. Maybe we’ll soon see Kate shooting arrows at Kensington Palace!



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