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Interactive ‘Hunger Games’ Exhibit Has Launched in Las Vegas

Get ready, all you fans of “The Hunger Games.”

You can now put yourself in the shoes of the “girl on fire” at an interactive exhibition at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The franchise that ignited (pun much intended) the world has spawned many licensing opportunities for everything from toys, to bedding, to kitchenware. You name it, there’s probably a “Hunger Games” version somewhere. To keep that momentum churning, the franchise expanded on its walk-through exhibition and now features an interactive archery lab.

Patrons learn about the world of Panem through an interactive tool seen in previous versions of the exhibition. Photo Credit: m1interactive

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition previously visited Sydney, Louisville, New York and San Francisco. The exhibit features movie memorabilia, but the Las Vegas stop will be the first to feature interactive archery. Participants can practice their archery skills in “Beetee’s Training Lab” through a digital experience projected onto a screen 60 feet wide. The game can accommodate up to 40 players at a time.

“We’ve been listening to the fans and we’ve heard all these girls say, ‘I want to be Katniss,’” Jenefer Brown told the Hollywood Reporter. Brown is Lionsgate’s senior vice president of global live and location-based entertainment. “This gives them a chance to see what it’s like.”

You can view the various bows used in the films. This is an example of the exhibition in New York. Photo Credit: Variety – Marion Curtis/Startraks Photo

As with previous exhibits, this one features authentic costumes worn by the cast, along with pieces worn in “Mockingjay: Part 2.” You can also see Katniss’ “girl on fire” dress and “Mockingjay” gown and, of course, her iconic bow and arrow. If the Las Vegas exhibit follows its predecessors’ tradition, each bow-and-arrow set from the films will be displayed.

If you love “The Hunger Games” and are curious about archery, the exhibit is a great place to try it. The exhibit opened May 1, so watch for photos of it to start appearing on social media. And if you’re heading to Vegas, check out some movie history and enjoy this new archery experience on the Strip.



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