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May 8 Is National Archery Day! Here’s How To Celebrate

National Archery Day is this Saturday, May 8, which makes this weekend a great one to get out on the range and launch some arrows! You can celebrate the day by practicing, throwing a party or watching some great archery-related content. Check out our tips below for fun ways you can celebrate the holiday.

Throw an Archery-Themed Party

Want to bring your friends in on the fun? Throw an archery-themed party in your backyard complete with food, games and decorations.

If your backyard is safe and conducive for practicing archery, set up a target and have your friends try their hand with a beginner bow set. If it’s unsafe to practice archery in your backyard, focus on the decorations and play a game of “pin the arrow on the target.” Take a classic party game and make it archery-themed by having your guests stick homemade arrows onto a regular archery target, blindfolded. You can make the arrows out of pencils or dowel rods and use paper, felt or feathers for the fletching. Put tape or another form of adhesive on the end of the “arrow” and have your blindfolded guests stick them to the target, as close to the bull’s-eye as they can.

Are your guests staying for dinner? Serve elbow pasta for a good laugh. Serve drinks with archery-inspired names like “Nock Nock Joke” or “You’re So Vane.” And who doesn’t love a themed cookie? Serve festive treats like cookies decorated with bows and arrows or targets for a sweet end to the party.

Watch Movies That Feature Great Archers

Want to spend part of the day curled up on the couch with a good movie? Consider watching one of the many awesome movies that feature archery. Go on an adventure with Merida, Legolas, Katniss or Hawkeye and remind yourself how neat it is that archery is constantly showcased in the media. Lose yourself in the fantasy and spark that childlike joy.

Study Professional Archers

Dive into YouTube and search for different archery tournaments or how-to videos by professional archers. Study their technique and see if there’s anything you could incorporate into your own form. Note the things that they do differently and see if doing the same thing improves your shot. While there are certain fundamentals that are necessary for a great shot, each archer’s individual anchor point can vary slightly, so what works for them might not work for you. Don’t be afraid to adjust what you find and tailor it to your needs.

Go to the Range

Most importantly, you should get in some practice time on National Archery Day! Whether you use your backyard range or go to your favorite archery range, try to loose some arrows. We can’t think of a purer way to honor the sport than to spend part of the day practicing it and enjoying it with other archers. If you venture to a range, discuss your form with other archers, if they’re willing. You might learn valuable tips and gain some insight.

Reflect on the Past Year

Take this opportunity to reflect on your journey with archery and make note of how far you’ve come since you began practicing. Congratulate yourself on the achievements you’ve made with your form and technique. Note areas for improvement and set goals to achieve by the next National Archery Day. The holiday always falls on the second Saturday in May. This will give you something to strive for all year and could create an interesting new tradition. It’s a chance to mark your progress in a tangible, quantifiable way.

National Archery Day is the perfect time to celebrate all things archery. Acknowledge your successes and recognize areas for improvement. Enjoy some movies that feature archery and reenergize your passion for how downright cool archery is. Throw in some range time and you’ve got a recipe for a great day.

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