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Throw an Archery-Themed Summer Bash

Summer is simmering on the horizon, and you might be looking for fresh party ideas to beat the heat. We’ve got some tips for turning your backyard party into an archery-themed bash.

More is More

Play up the archery decorations. If your group enjoys friendly competition, create your own Olympic medals to bestow upon the best archers. You could give your party a dual theme by decorating in the style of Artemis, the Greek god of archery. Keep your colors in the gold and silver spectrums (arrows included), and go for a “Mt. Olympus” vibe. Your guests will love feeling like their favorite pop-culture archer for a day.

Feast Your Eyes

Use the archery theme in as much of your food as possible. Photo Credit: Celebrate the Big & Small

Everyone loves visually appealing food. Bring your archery decorations to the table with archery-themed food. Decorate cookies with arrows or targets. Let your guests decorate their own cookies as an additional activity. Arrange snacks to mimic target rings or an arrow. Serve up puns through bow-tie pasta. Concoct archery-themed cocktails or mocktails with archery names like “Perfect 10,” “Little ‘Bow’ Peep,” or “Cupid’s Arrow.” Your guests will love the effort and attention to detail.

All the Colors of the Wind

Shoot balloons filled with paint and let the guests take them home as souvenirs. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Balloons make any party more festive, but don’t rely on simple helium-filled balloons to kickstart the fun. Liven things up by filling the balloons with various paints and hang them on the targets. Buy or rent inexpensive basic bows and arrows so guests can get into the spirit even if they’ve never shot archery before. When their arrows hit a balloon it’ll explode with color, giving the archer an extra shot of excitement.

You could make this game dual-purposed, and let guests take home their painted targets as party favors. The abstract picture it creates makes an excellent conversation starter for their houseguests, and they’ll have something to help them remember the fun. If they fall in love with archery, they might even buy a bow and arrows.

Host it at a Range

What if you don’t have enough backyard for a target? Host the party at an archery range. Reserve range time for the event to ensure you have enough lanes for your guests. A party at the range also lets your guests try different bows, and compare the fun of recurves and compounds. If guests fall in love with the sport, they’ll know where to go to keep practicing and buy a bow.

Some ranges might even give your party a group discount. Those working at the range will be happy to instruct the group on safety precautions and basic techniques. Trained professionals also relieve the party’s host of having to be a skilled archer. Learning and practicing archery together is a great way for you and your friends to bond.

Enjoy the warm summer by hosting a backyard archery party, or beat the heat by hosting your party at an indoor range. The fun atmosphere might just spark a lifelong love of archery in your guests. Contact a local archery range to discuss group rates and party options.



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