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Watch How Barebow Participation is Ever Growing

Does a no-frills approach to archery intrigue you? Do you love a challenge? Then try shooting barebow.

This discipline gets its name from the absence of accessories on the bow. It has no sights, stabilizers or other accuracy-enhancing gear. That simplicity draws people to this increasingly popular discipline, which attracts more archers to tournaments nationwide. Pennsylvania’s Lancaster Classic, for example, had 51 barebow competitors in 2017 and 125 this year.

Those ditching modern equipment enjoy the challenges of returning to archery’s roots. These archers can go barebow for 3D tournaments, field and target archery, or basic backyard fun. After all, barebow shooting provides lots of fun while seriously testing your archery skills.

To learn more about barebow archery, check out this video.

Credit: Archery 360

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