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Archery, Golf Share the Same Sports Family

Archery and golf are inherently similar. Both require mental focus, proper form, and steady movements. Once you’ve golfed, archery is the next logical challenge.

Tailored to You

Archery equipment is set to the archer’s ability and is customizable. Photo Credit: World Archery

Golf and archery can be played at any age, and they’re noncontact sports that produce few injuries. If your arm muscles are strong enough, you can shoot archery. If your arms are weaker than you’d like, you can adjust the bow’s draw weight to your comfort level.

Archery is also adaptable, and its equipment is tailored to fit each athlete. Smaller-framed archers can hit as many bull’s-eyes with a 15-pound draw weight as another archer can with 60.

Both sports can be played recreationally, with no commitment to a team or competitive schedule. Golfers can go to a driving range on any given day and hit a basket of balls, and archers can visit a range whenever they want to shoot arrows.

Although golfers and archers concentrate on their own game, they can still practice with larger groups. Each sport is social in nature but based on individual in performance. Both require mental discipline because you must hold yourself accountable. How you perform depends on your skills and desire to practice.

Stay Sharp

Golf and archery are both mental games that rely on individual discipline. Photo Credit: World Archery

Archery and golf also involve physics. Most golfers know to adjust their shots to account for wind and terrain. When shooting a bow without sights, archers aim their arrow at a spot below the bull’s-eye. You might have to aim for a spot that’s drastically off-center from the target, but once you dial in you’ll make solid shots.

Both sports also require a steady arm. If you move even slightly to one side or the other your shot will be off. Your trajectory calculations and mental focus must stay steady, which can keep your mind sharp and tuned in.

With golf and archery sharing the same sports family, if you enjoy one, you’ll likely enjoy the other. Each sport uses the same muscle groups, requires the same mental focus, and can be enjoyed alone or in groups. If you’ve mastered your golf swing and you’re looking for another challenge, try archery. Visit your local range to get started.



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