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Make the Most of Summer Camp

As you head off for summer camp to shoot archery, make friends and gorge on s’mores, keep a few tips in mind to ensure you get the most of your range time. Mastering your form and follow-through while shooting will help you consistently hit the 10-ring, but don’t stop there. You can master a few other skills without picking up a bow.

What to Expect

Summer camp is a great place to try archery for the first time or brush up on your skills. Shooting with a group creates a fun, friendly and casual environment. Rather than keeping score, most camps focus on archery’s fundamentals, so it’s a great place to seek advice from helpful instructors. Don’t dwell on where your arrows hit the target. Instead, enjoy the satisfaction of shooting arrows alongside great company.

Follow the Rules

Pay attention to the rules to avoid injuring yourself or others. Photo Credit: ATA

It’s vital to know and follow the rules whenever you’re at the range. You’ll keep everyone safe and streamline the process of shooting and retrieving arrows. Rules vary by range, so make sure you understand what’s expected where you shoot. Some ranges, for example, have specific whistle commands you must know and follow. When everyone follows the rules, camp leaders can spend more time coaching and helping others have fun shooting arrows. That allows more time for shooting!

Visualize Success

Mental preparation helps you feel safe and comfortable at the range. Focus on basics, like reaching a consistent anchor point and following through. These important steps in the shot process must become automatic. You don’t need to own a bow to visualize shooting one! Even if you’re new to archery, you can watch videos of archers and study their routine. You’ll notice they repeat many habits shot after shot. By studying them, you’ll be better prepared to shoot on the range.

Ask Questions

Ask questions: someone else might have the same one. Photo credit: ATA

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone at camp wants to have fun and make new friends, so take advantage of every opportunity to clear up anything that sounds confusing. You’ll grow as a person and as an archer by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to try new things.


Archery often forms the foundation of long-lasting friendships, so soak in the entire experience and get to know the people you meet at the range. Success at summer camp means more than simply hitting bull’s-eyes at the range. It’s also defined by meeting people and trying new things. There’s no better place to start than the archery range. Once there, you’ll find countless ways to make archery a mainstay in your life.



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