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Feature Archery on Your Thanksgiving Table

If you’re hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner, add an archery-themed centerpiece to your table as a unique decoration. It gives guests a taste of something you love while they enjoy a tasty meal.

Quiver with Happiness

A real quiver would make a great wreath-replacement and a great centerpiece. Photo credit: Sadie Seasongoods

Use a quiver as the base to hold arrows, of course, and mix in leaves, wheat or prairie grass. Choose arrows with one fletching color that matches your home’s décor, or fletching with vibrant splashes of color.

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving week to make it. Display the decorated quiver on your front door instead of a wreath during November, and then give it a place of honor on your Thanksgiving table.

Make your own quiver if you don’t have one of your own. Photo Credit: SmashCaskesSoCal

If you don’t have a quiver or arrows, make some with your DIY ingenuity.

  • Get a piece of construction paper, and bring two sides together to form a cylinder. Tape or staple the ends together. Seal the bottom by taping an old CD, a coaster, or something similar under one end.
  • Attach a strip of fabric or construction paper to the outside of the quiver on both ends. Make the strip large enough to bend away from the base. This will become the quiver’s strap.
  • Give it your own style by decorating the quiver’s exterior with messages, or patterns and designs.
  • Fill the quiver with homemade arrows. Use twigs for the arrow shafts, and construction paper for the fletching and arrow tips.

Decorate one or two quivers as your main centerpiece, or make one for each guest’s place at the table. You can customize each quiver by writing messages or their name.

Jar Them with Your Decorations

Different jars grouped together will make for an eye-catching centerpiece. Photo credit: Pinterest

You can also use jars as a stand to hold your arrows. Group different jars together for a variety of color. Decorate the jars with arrow decals, and place your arrows inside.

Mason jars also make for a classic look. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Use a classic Mason jar and fill it with pieces of wheat. Use long feather-fletched arrows to complement the wheat.

Stick with Classics

A classic clear vase will also make for an elegant piece. Photo Credit: Pinterest

You could also use a clear, classic vase to hold the arrows. Fill the bottom with decorative rocks and pebbles, and place your real or homemade arrows into it. Place acorns around it to bring fall’s landscape indoors.

Mark the Spot

Use arrows as place cards for your guests. Photo credit: Rebekah Westover Photography

Add another layer of archery festivity by using arrows as place cards. Use real arrows, or attach paper strips to pencils to make arrow shafts and fletching. Write each guest’s name on a vane, and place it on the table at their designated spot.

By bringing archery to your Thanksgiving table with crafty centerpieces and place settings, you’ll help your guests smile all through their special meal.



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