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Air Force Base Offers Archery to Decompress

Archery is such a great way to relieve stress that the Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado offers the sport in its fitness curriculum to help everyone unwind while gaining strengthen physically and mentally.

The base held its seventh annual archery tournament in August. The tournament is a “friendly, yet challenging, competition,” said Idali Beltré Acevedo in an article on the Schriever website.

The archery tournament is part of the Commander’s Cup program which awards points to the winner. Photo Credit: Schriever AFB

The tournament awards participants Commander’s Cup points for their respective units. The Cup is an annual award given to the squadron accumulating the most points in various intramural sports and fitness events. The program celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. It’s designed to keep participants physically fit year-round through various sports and activities. Squadrons receive more points the higher they finish in the events. They receive 50 points for first place, 40 for second place, and 30 for third place.

The base also offers archery programs for children. Photo Credit: Schriever AFB

The base also hosts archery events for children in the School Age Care program. The SAC program provides educational and physical programs for children of contractors, active-duty military, military personnel, and Department of Defense civilians. “Children spent the week practicing their aim, posture and group cohesion for the competitive event,” said William Tracy in a Schriever website article. It helps the community bond and participate in a sport they can practice for years.

“The SAC received a grant of $1,900 from 4-H that supplied all the bows, arrows, guards, cases and equipment,” said Vicki Rygiel, SAC coordinator, in a Schriever website article. “Archery challenges youths to develop cognitive, physical and disciplinary skills. This grant has enhanced our curriculum and our youth’s personal development.”

The base understands archery’s value in promoting mental and physical strength, so it’s available to all personnel and their families. To use the base’s range, archers must take an orientation class that teaches the safety rules and procedures they must know before shooting. The range, which is open dawn to dusk, has a red flag that signals everyone entering the parking lot that the range is in use.

The addition of 3D targets helps the archers with their bowhunting skills as well. Photo Credit: Schriever AFB

The range features traditional and 3D targets. Range patrons were excited when the base added an elk 3D target to help them practice for bowhunting season.

The Archery Trade Association is glad the Schriever Air Force base adopted archery into its fitness regimen. Archery provides powerful and mindful practice to the brave and dedicated men and women who call the base home.



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