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‘Tis the Season to Gift Archery

Has a friend or family member expressed interest in trying archery, but you’re not sure how to translate that interest into a gift? This year, it’s easy to give an aspiring archer the gift of archery – here’s how.

Archery Lessons

Gift your archer with introductory lessons so they can try it out before investing in their equipment. Photo Credit: ATA

For beginning archers, taking lessons is a great first step. Most ranges offer opportunities for instruction and will provide the bow and arrows until they are ready to purchase their own. If they’ve never tried archery before, lessons will help novices gauge what discipline they like best: longbow, recurve, or compound.

Credit for Range Time

If your new archer has tried archery before but wants to practice it more consistently, give them credit for range time. Most ranges sell packages for shooting time, which make a great gift.

Essential Gear

An archer’s bow needs to be fitted to the correct measurements and draw weight for their abilities. If your archer wants a new bow, take them to your local archery shop and have them test a few options to see what’s comfortable. Note which bow they like and their measurements, and order the bow on the spot (on the sly!) or on a return visit.

If you visit the shop with them, you’ll also see what kind of accessories they like.

Arm guards protect your forearm from bruising. Photo Credit: ATA

Every archer can use an arm guard. The guards protect your arm from the sting of the string, preventing bruises. They especially help beginner archers learn correct form.

If your archer has already picked out a bow, discuss the options for arrows at your local archery shop. They pros will steer you toward the right arrows based on the bow and type of shooting your new archer has in mind.

Every archer needs a good quiver. Photo Credit: ATA

No matter the arrow type, every archer could use a quiver to put them in. Quivers are arrow holders that archers hang from their waist or strap to their back. They come in different colors and styles and are a fun way to express yourself while shooting. Hang the quiver alongside your stockings and fill it with arrows and the rest of the gear you purchased. It will look great with the rest of the stockings, and the recipient will get a sneak peek at their equipment as soon as they wake up.

Gift mechanical release aids for compound archers and finger tabs for recurve archers. Photo Credit: ATA

If your archer already knows whether they prefer recurve or compound, buy them a finger release aid or a mechanical release aid. Recurve archers use finger release aids to buffer their fingers when they pull back the bowstring. You can choose between finger tabs and shooting gloves. Compound archers use mechanical release aids, which they hook onto the bowstring. You can choose between mechanical releases with wrist-straps or handheld releases.

Gift Card

If you’re not sure which accessories to buy, gift cards to your local shop are always a solid option. Your novice archer can use the gift card for range time, personal lessons, or the gear and accessories of their choice. They’ll get a second holiday when they go to use their gift card in the shop.

The holidays are a great time to give someone a gift they wouldn’t buy for themselves. If you know someone who wants to try archery but is hesitant to take the leap, give the gift of an archery starter-pack. Don’t forget to tie it up with a bow!



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