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What to Expect at Your First Archery Lesson

Do you want to try archery? The best introduction is a lesson at a pro shop.

Use the Archery 360 store locator to find a shop, and then call to schedule a lesson. Trying a new sport can be intimidating, but don’t worry. Your first archery lesson will be a fun learning experience. Let’s review what to expect from that lesson.

You’ll Learn Safety Rules

You’ll learn archery safety basics to make sure you are using the equipment properly. Photo Credit: Music City Archery

As the saying goes, safety first. Archery is extremely safe, but all archers must follow some basic rules. Your instructor will teach you safety rules you’ll use every time you shoot.

These rules include …

— Never shoot a bow unless an arrow is nocked on the bowstring. “Dry-firing” a bow will damage it and possibly cause an injury.

— Each archery range has a shooting line where everyone shoots. Never cross this line until all the archers finish shooting, and the range is called “clear.”

—  When pulling arrows from the target, stand beside the arrow and make sure no one is standing behind it before you pull.

You’ll Learn Archery Form

Once you understand the safety rules, you’ll learn basic archery form, which includes all these shooting steps: how you stand, pull the string, position your body, and release the arrow.

You’ll Shoot Close

You’ll start at a short distance until you learn proper form. Photo Credit: ATA

No one expects beginning archers to shoot the 70-meter Olympics distance, so you’ll start near the target. Shooting short distances also helps beginners learn form without worrying about missing the target. This technique is so effective that top-level competitors shoot short distances to improve their shooting.

You’ll Have Fun

Archery is fun, which you’ll realize the instant you release your first arrow. Your instructor might also mix in fun games, or have you shoot balloons to ensure your lessons are never dull.

In fact, archery is so fun that people find its challenges addicting. After your first lesson, you’ll likely want to keep learning the sport through private lessons, group classes or a long-term program. Discuss these options and equipment rentals with the archery shop’s staff. You can also explore the sport’s many options by visiting the Archery 360 101 page.

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