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8 Gifts for the Archer in Your Life

Saint Nick gets it right every time but finding the perfect gift is tough for everyone else. If you have an archer on your Christmas list, we’ve got you covered. Throw a bow on any of these items, and you’ll hit a bull’s-eye.


Lessons are the first step to your archery journey. Photo Credit: Full Draw Archery

“Lessons make a great gift if you know somebody who has taken an interest in archery,” said Matt Colgrove, manager of Full Draw Archery in Omaha, Nebraska.

Archery is a safe, lifelong sport that provides its participants with a wealth of benefits like camaraderie and physical fitness. Taking a lesson is an important first step for aspiring archers. Lessons come in many forms, from a one-time class to several weeks in length. Working with a certified archery instructor, new archers will learn the basics of safety and form in a controlled environment.


Archers can never have too many targets. You can choose from a wide variety. Paper targets work great for shooting at the range. You can even purchase custom targets or ones with unique images. If your friend or family member has a backyard range, consider a block or 3D target.

Equipment Upgrade

Step up their equipment if you know what they need. Photo Credit: Full Draw Archery

“Archers are picky,” said Jackson Eaton, archery tech Archery in the Wild in Longmont, Colorado. “Bring in a picture of their equipment and ask what needs an upgrade.”

An equipment upgrade is a great gift for beginning archers. “If they have entry-level equipment, you can help them graduate to the next step by getting them some nicer equipment,” Colgrove said.


Buy a dozen new arrows, and you’ll make the nice list for years. But don’t just get any arrows; play secret Santa and grab an arrow from the quiver when nobody is looking and bring it into an archery shop. “We can custom build that exact arrow,” Eaton said.

Logo Wear

veryone loves a good branded tee. Photo Credit: Archery in the Wild

Archers love the sport and the gear that helps them shoot great. Archery shops carry a variety of logo wear items like clothing and accessories. Pick up a t-shirt or baseball cap from the company that manufactures their favorite bow or arrows.

Airline-approved Bow Case

It’ll be a little tough to fit under the tree, but an airline-approved bow case will steal the show. You can choose from a soft or hard bow case. “We suggest people have the bow with them, or the measurements,” Colgrove said.

Camera Accessories

In recent years camera accessories designed for archery equipment have become more popular. You can find mounts that attach to bows to hold GoPros and phones.

Gift Card

When in doubt, give a gift card. Photo Credit: Archery in the Wild

When in doubt, go with a gift card to an archery shop. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer.



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