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Support Archery Shops During COVID-19

Businesses around the world are changing how they interact with customers because of COVID-19, and that includes archery shops. Whether it’s curbside pickup, fewer hours, or one-on-one appointments, archery shops keep serving customers in safe, enjoyable environments.

Curbside Pickup

Pick up your archer gear safely with contactless curbside pickup. Photo Credit: Pappas Trading Post

Pappa’s Trading Post, a popular archery shop near Madison, Wisconsin, offers curbside pickup and drop-off for any work customers need for their bows. To paper-tune a setup, adjust the draw length, or make any other modifications, customers call ahead and coordinate a time to drop off gear. A bow technician gathers information for the task, checks in the bow, and returns it as soon as the work is done.

One-on-One Appointments

Make a private appointment so you can receive the in-store experience with minimized exposure. Photo Credit: Whale Tales Archery

Some aspects of archery can’t be remedied remotely. Whether you need lessons to improve your form and follow-through, or you need to address something in person with an expert, some shops offer appointments to better serve their customers.

“Archery shops are usually small places where you can still get one-on-one service while avoiding crowds at traditional big box stores,” said Kyle Krischan, owner of Whale Tales Archery in Dousman, Wisconsin. “We’re still taking precautions to promote a clean and safe space, but we’re happy to meet with customers on a limited basis to make sure they’re taken care of.”

If you’ve debated adding a new accessory to your bow, consider arranging a one-on-one appointment to inspect it firsthand and ask questions. You can certainly buy archery gear online. Sometimes seeing it in person helps you learn how it will integrate with your setup. That useful information affects buying decisions.

Remote Support

Now more than ever, customer service is undeniably important. Nearly all shops are happy to chat online or by phone to help archers get the most from their gear. No matter your question, don’t hesitate to contact an archery shop for expert advice. Depending on your needs, some shops can fulfill orders online or by phone while providing help that ensures you’re buying the best accessory for your shooting.


When you seek assistance from your favorite shop, you’re supporting local, small businesses staffed by some of our communities’ greatest minds and personalities. Despite the uncertainty COVID-19 presents for the foreseeable future, archery shops do everything they can to serve customers and help us enjoy more time shooting our bows. We’re all in this together.



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