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Where to Shoot? Find an Archery Range Near You


No matter where you live in the United States, you can easily find a place nearby to shoot your bow. But before searching for “archery ranges near me” in your favorite navigation app, consider your options.

Setting Expectations

What kind of archery experience do you need? Do you want one-on-one coaching from an expert? How about an outdoor 3D course with lifelike foam-plastic animal targets? Or do you prefer a climate-controlled indoor range? Or maybe you just want a simple backyard range where you can pass time with friends or family members. The experience you desire should dictate where you shoot. After a little reflection and evaluation of your goals, go find a range.

Where to Shoot

Sometimes getting started seems the hardest part. If you’re unfamiliar with the archery clubs, ranges and shops nearby, it’s vital you understand those resources and what they offer. Check out the Where to Shoot feature at Archery 360. It lets you sort by activities like public shooting, club activities, or lessons; and then apply distance-based filters to find nearby options.

Archery Shops

Some ranges will have a light that indicates when it’s safe to pull arrows. Photo Credit: Xtreme Archery

Archery shops are great resources for learning about new equipment and seeking expert advice, but many shops also house an archery range. The space, range rules, target options, and shooting distances vary by location. Most shops charge an hourly rate less than $10. Before shooting, learn the shop rules and how to retrieve your arrows. At most ranges, you’ll shoot your arrows, hang up your bow, and wait until the firing line is clear. A range-master then triggers a siren or warning light, and everyone retrieves their arrows.

Archery Clubs

Unlike pro shops, which sell archery gear and employ staff to fix or service equipment, a club is a community of archers who shoot regularly at a designated range. Many clubs have entry fees, but you can likely receive discounts by volunteering at events or providing general maintenance. Clubs are great places to meet fellow archers while enjoying a safe, friendly environment to shoot. The camaraderie of archery clubs is fun and unique, whether it’s friendly competitions or potluck dinners. You’ll make new friends who share your archery passions. But because clubs are often managed by volunteers, they seldom have daily business hours. This can make access difficult, but you can contact a conservation warden or use the Where to Shoot resource to start searching.

Indoor Range

No matter how long the indoor range is you can still practice your accuracy. Photo Credit: ATA

To shoot year-round in a controlled environment, look for an indoor range. They’re great places to practice and compete, but you’ll find few indoor facilities where you can shoot past 40 yards. Most limit shots to 20 yards. Even so, you can hone your skills by shooting cricket or five-spot targets. Some shops and ranges even have reactive video bowhunting targets where you can practice hunting scenarios.

Backyard Archery Range

Nothing is more accessible than a backyard range. All you need is a safe backstop, open space, and a target. Follow a few rules and safety precautions to ensure an enjoyable practice. Even if you have little space to practice, don’t overlook your backyard.


Whether you need weekly lessons, monthly coaching, or basic practice sessions with friends, you’ll likely find endless options in your area. Don’t wait, though. Find a place to shoot nearby, and start stacking more arrows into the 10-ring.



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