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How to Find the Best Archery Classes Near Me

Want to try your first archery class? Taking lessons can give you a great first impression of the sport. You’ll want to choose a range that provides the best environment for you. The archery instructor should give you the tools for making a good shot, while keeping the experience fun and low-pressure. The right archery class can set you on the path for success in whichever discipline you choose.

How do I find an archery class or coach?

Our store locator shows your options for lessons and coaching. Photo Credit: ATA

Archery360’s store locator pulls information from archery shops and ranges near you. Search the database using your zip code, and filter results by distance. The icons in the corner of each listing reveal the services the shop provides. You’ll see at first glance whether the shop offers lessons, coaching, or both.

Make sure the archery range offers the right style of archery for you. Most shops will sell both recurve and compound bows, but not every range will offer every target style. You have the option of shooting traditional targets or 3D targets. Check the range’s website to make sure they offer classes for the target style you want.

If you’re looking for a long-term coach, make sure they have experience coaching the discipline you’re interested in. Also, learn about their communication style, because this will make a big difference in your archery education.

Do I need to own equipment to take a class?

Absolutely not! The archery range will supply bows for introductory classes – one of the many perks of the sport. Competitive archers often invest in quite a few pieces of equipment, but not beginner archers. You don’t need to purchase much until you’ve tried the sport and decide what works for you. Some disciplines require more equipment than others.  Try each one and see what you enjoy before buying your own equipment.

Some shops allow archers to rent bows for personal use, regardless of whether they’re taking lessons. If you’ve enjoyed your archery lessons and want to practice on your own, rent equipment to use during the shop’s open range times.

Do I have the option of private or group lessons?

You can choose between private or group lessons. Photo Credit: ATA

Many shops offer both private and group lessons. With private lessons, you can take a deep dive on the mechanics of a different discipline each session. During group lessons, you’ll focus on general form and best practices. Group lessons allow you to practice individually while enjoying the camaraderie of the sport with other archers. Take a group lesson with friends or family and share a new experience. The lessons might motivate you to continue practicing archery together.

Should I start with a 30-minute or one-hour lesson?

Most lessons will end with a fun game. Photo Credit: ATA

If you have a busy schedule and are strapped for time, a 30-minute lesson is certainly better than nothing. However, if you want plenty of time to practice what you’ve learned, choose the one-hour lesson. At the beginning of your first lesson, the instructor will fit you for a bow, review the archery safety rules, and demonstrate proper form. Then, they will leave you to practice on your own, providing guidance as necessary. A 30-minute lesson would only leave you with 15 minutes to practice once the introduction is done. You’d have 30-45 minutes to practice during a one-hour lesson and might receive the added benefit of a fun activity. One-hour classes typically end with a game, such as aiming at balloons or paper targets with images of zombies, candy, or playing cards. You can play blackjack by aiming for cards that equal 21 on the target.

Remember that archery is supposed to be fun and relaxing! Don’t pressure yourself to be perfect after your first lesson. It will likely take multiple lessons to perfect your form, but you can have fun from day one. The professional archery instructor will do his or her best to make the experience rewarding. You will leave with all the right tools to continue your archery journey.

Visit the store locator to find archery classes near you.



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