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How to Spot Counterfeit Archery Products

Everyone loves a good deal, especially on products that are normally big-ticket purchases. But if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. When you’re browsing a third-party website for a discount on a brand-name archery product, look closely at the photos and read reviews before buying. Know the signs of a counterfeit archery product. Make sure you’re buying a genuine piece of equipment before you hit the order button.

Examine the Photos

Run the product photo through a reverse Google image search to see if it came directly from the manufacturer’s website. Photo Credit: Business Insider

On the third-party website, look for discrepancies between their photos and those on the brand-name company’s website. Unfortunately, images posted online can be edited. Counterfeiters might alter their photos to look like the real product, or repost the brand-name company’s photos as their own. If the product you receive in the mail doesn’t match the photo, alert the real company immediately so they can combat the counterfeiters. Archery manufacturers should have already registered their trademarks and copyrights with the government so that counterfeit products can be cross-referenced against trademarks recorded in the system.

It’s not always easy to spot a counterfeit, even after you’ve received it in the mail. Some counterfeit companies match the brand they’re copying so precisely that they pass every inspection. Other times, the difference is as obvious as a misspelled word or different logo colors. Examine the product after it arrives and look for any obvious mistakes.

Read Reviews

Read reviews about the website you’re buying from. Photo Credit: Freepik

Take time to read reviews on the products you’re buying and the websites you’re using. If you’re buying from a third-party site, search for reviews of that site on a major search engine. If a website has been reported as selling counterfeit products, you will likely see negative reviews or other flags in the search results.

Don’t Fall for the Bargain

If a product is priced at an extreme discount, it’s likely too good to be true. Photo Credit: Exposure One

Higher-end archery equipment can be expensive, so it’s understandable for archers to gravitate toward deals. When counterfeit products look just like the real thing, it’s tempting to say, “Does it really matter?” It does. A lower price usually indicates that the products are made with lower-quality materials. They may look like their brand-name counterparts but won’t function the same.

Most consumers have become wary of items priced suspiciously low. Counterfeiters have caught on to consumer buying habits. They have started pricing their products at a smaller discount so they don’t arouse suspicion.

Knowingly buying counterfeit products also hurts the archery industry. By supporting the counterfeiters, you’re taking business away from the legitimate manufacturers.

Your best bet is to buy your products directly from a retailer or manufacturer. These businesses periodically discount their products, so keep your eye on their websites for promotions or sales.

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