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Archery Décor

Autumn’s shorter days and cooler weather might make you spend more time indoors. Falling leaves also make autumn ideal for reflecting and updating your space for new beginnings. Use archery-themed decorations to fill your home with fun, artistic reminders of the sport and lifestyle that goes with it.

Wall Art

Adorn your walls with archery-themed art to add accent pieces to rooms. Guests will notice the décor and likely ask about the sport, giving you opportunities to introduce someone to archery.

Wall decals are perfect for filling a large space. Photo Credit: Ebay

Take a literal approach and use wall decals to spruce up accent walls. This idea would be perfect for a bedroom wall or to fill that blank space in your living room.

A clock made of arrows is fun and functional. Photo Credit: Mi Casa Decor

If you’re seeking a more subtle nod to archery, check out the wall clock made of arrows, pictured above. The wooden fletching will transport you to the shooting line every time you check the time.


Pillows make a big statement in small areas. Pillows are often the first thing we notice when sitting on a couch, bed or chair. An archery-themed throw pillow tells part of your story without you saying a word.

Use one or two arrow pillows as accent pillows. Photo Credit: KMart

Accent pillows are great for brightening up a space. Add a pillow with an arrow pattern to your couch. It adds a pop of color among your other pillows.

Share your love of comic-book archers. Photo Credit: Zazzle

Choose pillows with images of comic-book archers to add a conversation piece to any room. Discuss what each character means to you, and how they represent the sport. Discuss whether the characters inspired you to try archery and why. Your guests might leave with a new perception of the sport.


Quivers are staple gear, and among the first images that come to mind when thinking of archery. They also make interesting and dynamic centerpieces or wall art in your home.

Create an interesting conversation piece. Photo Credit: Black Forest Decor

Mount a decorative metal quiver with arrows to the wall to give any room some rustic charm. Position arrows around the quiver to create your own collage.

Use an old quiver as decoration. Photo Credit: ManMadeDIY

Have you upgraded your gear and don’t know what to do with your old quiver? Hang it on the wall as a statement piece, and add old arrows. When guests comment on the piece, tell them it’s not just a decoration. It’s a way of life.


A poster that captures your interests and hobbies is exciting, no matter your age. Take the nostalgia into adulthood by framing an artistic archery poster.

These concept posters make a great collage. Photo credit: Etsy

Abstract concept drawings make visually compelling posters. Posters with a simple, neutral color palette coordinate nicely with other decorations in any room.

Vintage archery posters are aesthetically dynamic and unique. Photo Credit: Redbubble

Vintage posters or posters of contemporary archers are also unique ways to show love for the sport. Hang a poster of your favorite Olympic archer to inspire your Olympic aspirations. Mount a poster of a fictional archer to remind yourself that archery has always inspired lore and legends.

Decorating your home is an ultimate expression of your identity. Invite guests to ask about your love for archery by placing nods to the sport around your home. These decorative pieces should bring you joy, and provide warm reminders of why you embrace the sport. After all. It’s not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle.



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