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The Ultimate Holiday Guide to Archery Gifts


The holidays inspire abundant joy and excitement that lasts for weeks. What better way to spread holiday cheer than introducing someone to a new love with a thoughtful gift?

Buying gear and getting started might seem like a huge hurdle for someone new to archery. In that case, give them a gift certificate for lessons or gear at an archery shop to kickstart their experience. If you’re buying for experienced archers, have some fun and give them gear that reflects their style.


Gift Certificates


Gift certificates are perfect for archery lessons or custom gear. Photo credit: Ace Archers


Gift certificates for lessons are great for those new to archery. Lessons teach the basics and get them familiar with the sport without buying expensive gear. Lessons also give them the freedom to try each discipline — longbow, recurve, compound or crossbow — to learn which one they most like. Lessons might also help them make new friends and inspire countless return visits to the range.

Gift certificates to an archery shop also make great stocking stuffers for experienced archers who have taken lessons and enjoy the sport, but haven’t yet bought their own equipment. They’ll be eager to browse the shelves, envy all the cool bows, and test the ones that most excite them. Sales representatives can help with their draw-length and draw-weight measurements, answer technical questions, and guide their new-bow considerations. Ask if you can tag along and join the fun. Just don’t get in the way!




Give the archer a new set of arrows, or an upgraded accessory. Photo Credit: ATA


If the person you’re buying for is a veteran archer who wants new equipment, consider new sights, quivers, armguards, or other items that fit a variety of bows. You don’t need to be an expert to choose such gear, but pay attention to their clues and choose gear that matches their personal and shooting styles.

If you know their draw weight, draw length and bow type, talk to a pro at the archery shop and order arrows. Arrange the arrows in their stocking, or bundle them with a quiver. Customize the fletchings to match their bow, or surprise them with a style they don’t expect.

Unwrapping archery gear reveals new adventures. Whether you’re a lifelong archer or just starting, you’ll get excited when opening new equipment. New gear means new experiences, and renewed motivation to visit the range.




Share the archery experience and go to a themed event together. Photo Credit: Music City Archery


If you’d like to create an archery experience you can enjoy together, give that special person a gift certificate to a themed range event. Learn if the range offers a date night, cosmic archery, zombie targets, or other events that encourage spending time together, and possibly spark a new hobby. If you’re bursting with enthusiasm and can’t wait, give your gift early and check out a holiday-themed shoot.



Visit the ATA Store for archery-themed clothing. Photo credit: ATA


For archers who have everything, encourage them to express their archery love through their clothing. Give them a shirt with a creative arrow design, funny archery-inspired quote, or their favorite company’s logo. They’ll think of you when wearing it, and they might decide to sport their fashion at the range.

Archery boasts physical and mental benefits. When you introduce someone to archery, you’re directing them toward a positive lifestyle that’s priceless. You’ll spark passions that could last a lifetime, no matter which archery gift you choose.

Start now. Visit an archery range or shop online for a great gift, and then patiently wait for the big day and their bigger reaction.



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