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Last-Minute Archery Gifts

After waking from your turkey-induced Thanksgiving nap, you likely realized how little time you have to shop for the archers in your life. Luckily, you can find great gifts and stocking stuffers at an archery shop.

And you don’t need to be an expert to shop like one. Use our list (and check it twice!) to ensure your archery gifts hit the bull’s-eye.

Lifestyle Shirts

Visit the ATA Store for archery-inspired shirts and gear. Photo Credit: ATA

Help your archer represent their favorite sport with a lifestyle shirt. Whether it’s a jersey from their favorite bow brand or a T-shirt with an archery-inspired design, archery apparel makes an excellent gift. Check out cool archery shirts here.


New arrows make great stocking stuffers. Photo Credit: ATA

Archers always need arrows, but you can’t just grab anything off the shelf. Arrows come in different sizes and must match an archer’s draw length and draw weight. To buy someone arrows, bring one of their arrows to the archery shop. That lone arrow provides all the information pro shops need to build new ones.


Quivers reflect the archer’s personal style. Photo Credit: ATA

Quivers hold arrows and shooting gear. This important item comes in many colors and styles to match each archer’s tastes. To choose a quiver for your archer, note their favorite color or their bow’s color scheme. You can also match the quiver to their style. For example, a traditional archer might enjoy a leather back quiver.


Whether your archer is a beginner or top competitor, they likely need lessons. Give the gift of better shooting with one lesson or a lesson package. Online courses and Skype lessons are great alternatives to traditional in-person lessons.

Range Time

Give the archer credit at their preferred range. Photo Credit: ATA

Christmas is also indoor season, which means archers are flocking to indoor ranges. Buy your archers range passes so they can practice for free. Learn their preferred range, and stop in to buy some range credit.

Arrow Puller and Arrow Lube

Arrow pullers give archers a better grip when removing arrows from targets. They’re made of rubber, and they’re must-haves in every quiver. Arrow lube applied to the arrow tip makes them easier to pull from targets. It’s an excellent complement to an arrow puller. Together, they prevent archers from straining muscles by pulling arrows.

Archery Repair Kit

Archery shops are the place to go for bow work, but what happens if you need a repair while at the range? Ask a salesclerk to assemble a kit with basic tools and materials for making simple repairs. A typical kit includes Allen wrenches, bowstring serving, fletching glue and bowstring wax.

Release Aid

Compound archers often experiment with new release aids. If your archer is eyeing a new release aid, slip it into their stocking. They’ll likely drop hints about the model they want. If not, go with a gift card.


If the archer has room in their backyard, give them a plastic-foam target. Photo Credit: ATA

Backyard ranges are fun and convenient. If your archer has a large backyard, help build a home range with a 3D plastic-foam target. But if they usually practice at a range elsewhere, buy them paper targets.

Bow Stand

Bow stands help keep bows lifted off the grass. Photo Credit: ATA

bow stand makes a great gift for archers who leave their bow in the grass while retrieving arrows. A bow stand holds the bow upright and off the ground during practice and for storage.

Binoculars or Rangefinder

Binoculars and rangefinders are great for 3D archers. Photo Credit: ATA

Optics are a high-end gift every archer appreciates. A laser rangefinder is especially useful for 3D archers and bowhunters who must judge the distance to their target or quarry. Binoculars and spotting scopes, meanwhile, help archers spot their arrows in the target. Talk to the shop’s pro about your archer, and follow the pro’s recommendations.

Gift Cards

Gift cards let the archer choose what works for them. Photo Credit: 3Rivers Archery

Can’t decide what to get? A gift card to your archer’s favorite archery store lets them pick out exactly what they need.

Support your local archery shop while fulfilling your archer’s dreams. To find the nearest archery store, use our store finder here.



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