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Archery Targets: Know the Options

Are you looking for a backyard archery target? You’ll find many options, and you might even feel overwhelmed. But after reading this article you’ll be able to make a smart decision for your home range.

Foam Targets

Foam targets replicate the targets used in competition. Photo Credit: ATA

Plastic-foam targets are available in solid or layered construction. Layered targets are made from stacked, compressed foam strips. Solid foam targets vary by manufacturer, but typically use a soft, self-healing plastic. Both styles are available in small, portable models and larger, immobile targets.

Smaller targets are less expensive, but they’re easier to miss. They also won’t last as long as bigger targets. Larger targets cost more and don’t move easily. Some large targets also require a stand, such as the round bales used in competitions. If you’re serious about archery and shoot often each week or at longer distances, consider a large target bale.

3D Targets

3D targets are life-size and three-dimensional. Photo Credit: ATA

If shooting the same dot or paper target daily isn’t for you, consider a 3D target. These life-size, three-dimensional animal targets feature everything from dinosaurs to grizzly bears. They’re fun practice for hunting and 3D tournament practice.

Bag and Burlap Targets

Bag targets are inexpensive and perfect for recreational archery. Photo Credit: ATA

Bag targets have a woven outer shell, and they’re stuffed with plastic or fabrics. Some companies sell just the shell, which you stuff with rags, old clothing or plastic grocery bags. Bag targets are relatively inexpensive, and are excellent options for recreational archery.

What’s the best target for your home range? Discuss your options with experts at an archery shop. They’ll help you find the right one for your budget, yard size and archery goals.



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