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How To Compete in Archery — 2021 Edition

We are now into the second target archery season with COVID-19 restrictions affecting the U.S. Unlike last year, when most — if not all — tournaments were totally shut down, there are several options for feeding your competition bug this year.

Probably the easiest option will be to participate in tournaments at local archery clubs and shops. COVID restrictions vary widely across the country as far as what’s allowed and how many people can gather for indoor competitions, so that might impact opportunities where you live. Archery 360 has a database of archery pro shops and shooting clubs all over the U.S., which you can access here to find out what’s available near you.

For in-person, indoor tournaments, many clubs and shops are limiting the number of participants to provide extra room between archers on the shooting line and/or placing plexiglass barriers between shooting lanes. Others are holding remote competitions, where you don’t have to shoot at a specific time and location. Instead, you shoot when it’s convenient and then post your score online.


The National Field Archery Association was forced to cancel the 2021 Vegas Shoot — which is the largest indoor archery tournament in the world — originally scheduled for early February. In doing so, the NFAA said it plans to hold a virtual event for amateur archers and a smaller in-person tournament for its championship divisions. Details on how this revised Vegas Shoot, now scheduled for April 14-17, will work have not yet been announced, but you can follow the news by regularly checking


USA Archery’s 2021 Indoor Nationals and JOAD Indoor Nationals are being held at various locations across the country. Many states have already held their competitions; others have announced they will not host any; and others have yet to hold their events. To see upcoming competitions, click here.

Once all of the competitions are over, national champions in the various divisions will be named based on the scores registered.

For its annual series of outdoor tournaments, USA Archery plans to move forward as usual in 2021. This includes the Arizona Cup on April 9-11 in Phoenix, Arizona; the Gator Cup on May 7-9 in Newberry, Florida; the SoCal Showdown on June 4-6 in Chula Vista, California; the Buckeye Classic on July 30-Aug. 1 in Dublin, Ohio; and the Target Nationals and U.S. Open on Aug. 18-21 in Richmond, Virginia. 

Built into this series of outdoor events are competitions for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams as well. The Olympics and Paralympics are both scheduled for Tokyo this summer.

USA Archery will have mask requirements and other safety measures in place for their outdoor events. For more information, click here.


The Scholastic 3-D Association is hosting a remote indoor national tournament that runs through the end of March. Rather than bring archers from all over the country to a single location at one time, each state is coordinating a series of S3DA tournaments. Archers shoot and register their scores in smaller venues, with fewer participants around them. At the end of March, registered scores will be tallied to determine the winners. For more information on this competition, click here.


Many organizations are bringing tournaments back safely and with certain safety precautions in place. Photo Credit: ASA

There are many 3D archery tournaments scheduled for 2021, since these competitions don’t have to adhere to Covid rules aimed at indoor gatherings. The Archery Shooters Association has a full six-event national tournament series planned for this year beginning in late February and running through August. Find the ASA schedule and information here

As it did last year, ASA plans to allow some flexibility in shooting times so archers can spread out during these three-day events. 

Besides the six national events, ASA has over 300 affiliated clubs spread across 30 states that regularly hold ASA-sanctioned tournaments. Find a listing of those clubs here. Contact the ones in your area for information on local events. 


The International Bowhunting Organization cancelled its annual Indoor World Championship, originally scheduled for mid-February. But IBO is planning to move ahead with its annual series of national outdoor competitions. That seven-event series begins in March and runs through August. For more information, check here.

Additionally, IBO has over 100 affiliated clubs and shops across the country, which regularly hold local, IBO-sanctioned tournaments. Click here for a listing of those facilities.

There definitely are more tournament options this year than there were in 2020. Check all available resources and odds are you can find a way to compete not too far from home.



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