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Trick Shots to Try at Home 

Archery practice can be more than hitting the bull’s-eye. If you’re looking to test yourself, consider trying some trick shots. You probably won’t be the next Dude Perfect or Byron Ferguson, but trick shots are a fun way to impress friends and spice up your practice routine.

Balloon Pop 

Popping balloons isn’t necessarily a trick, but it’s sure a lot of fun and a great way to introduce kids to archery. Loading the balloons with glitter, cornstarch or water-based paint adds some colorful flare. Use target pins to attach the balloons to the target face. 

You can play a variety of games depending on your skill level. For example, have two archers or two teams and use two colors of balloons on a single target. Alternate shooting. If either one of the archers, or team members, shoots the other’s color, they lose. 

Also try filling a bunch of balloons with water-based white paint, and a single balloon with a bright color. Attach the balloons to the target face so the archers playing don’t know which one has the colored paint. Take turns shooting at the balloons, and the first to pop the colorful balloon wins. 

Try some long-range balloon shots like Dude Perfect. More than 300 yards might be a stretch, but try to pop the balloons at distances beyond 30 yards, or see how many balloons you can pop in a set amount of time, like 30 seconds.  

Pendulum Target

Shooting a still target can be tough enough, but adding some movement can seem impossible. A pendulum target swings back and forth in front of a target’s face. Hitting the pendulum requires perfect planning. You need to time the swing just right to make the shot. Remember, don’t aim where it is, aim where it’s going. 

Exploding Life Savers

Life savers are teeny, tiny targets that explode upon impact. They’re extremely challenging to hit. You can also attach them to a string and give them a push. Trying to hit a swinging pendulum that explodes will surely impress your friends and improve your abilities. 

The Candle Shot 

This is the perfect birthday party trick for any archery enthusiast. Instead of blowing out the candle with your breath, use an arrow. Light the candle and place it in front of the target. Be sure to aim at the wick. The arrow’s wind won’t put it out; you’ll need to shoot the wick to blow out the candle and get your birthday wish. 

Make a Reaction

Create your own trick shot by designing a target that triggers some type of reaction when the arrow hits. This student designed his own trick shot for a school project. 

Always make sure you follow all the rules of safety, including inspecting equipment and having a safe backdrop. If you’re interested in getting started in archery, visit your local archery shop.



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