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Create an Archery Journal 

People journal for many reasons. From personal diaries that detail daily life to travel journals that track once-in-a-lifetime adventures, journals help people document experiences. Keeping a written log of milestones and memories ensures they’re not forgotten. Today’s journals go beyond traditional notebooks. People keep digital, photo and video diaries. There are even apps that provide prompts and easy-to-use-formats. 

You might think journaling is just for everyday memories, but it’s a popular habit among athletes. Many top archers rely on archery journals to track their progress and identify ways to improve. 

Archery Journal Template 

An archery journal can have a few different looks. If you’re new to keeping a training diary, keep it simple at first to ensure that you stick with it. If you’re preparing for a tournament, try to include a more detailed account. 

Include at the minimum: 

  • date
  • location 
  • training length of time 
  • ends
  • rounds 
  • distance(s)  
  • scores
  • target size 
  • weather conditions (if shooting outdoors) 
  • equipment, any adjustments made 
  • intention 
  • what you learned 
  • additional notes 

A more detailed journal could include: 

  • band drills completed 
  • gym sessions 
  • resting heart rate 
  • fatigue 
  • detailed equipment setup 
  • shot cycle 
  • how you feel mentally and physically 

Track Your Progress 

Competitive archers spend thousands of hours practicing. They shoot hundreds of arrows preparing for tournaments. It can be tough to remember how each end goes. For any archer, taking notes about the number of arrows shot, scores and adjustments to gear provides objective data. Tracking this data over several weeks of training lets you see progress and results. It allows you to reflect on your progress and gives you insight into how to improve for the future. An archery journal is the best way to train with a purpose. 

Identify Areas to Improve  

Keeping records not only fuels motivation for improvement but also helps you identify ways to get better. Having a record of every shot creates a pattern. You can look at this pattern to figure out trends. The journal provides a reference point for troubleshooting problems. Marking outside influences like mood, stress and climate can help you see when you have an off day for unexpected reasons. 

Where to Find a Journal

From buying a ready-made workbook to do-it-yourself, everyone has access to an archery journal. Creating a custom journal allows you to tailor the information to your training goals. You can create a paper copy using the bullets above. Make a template, print copies and keep them in a binder. You could also record the information digitally on your computer or cellphone. 

Archery journals are available for purchase at some retailers and online. This also makes for a great gift idea for the archery enthusiast in your life.   

There are also cellphone apps that track data. These are usually available for purchase. Apps include Archery Journal and Archery Success

Next time you head out to the range, pack an archery journal. Noting your performance takes only a few minutes, but it provides a wealth of information that can drastically improve your technique and abilities. 



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