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Stay Sharp: Join a League This Winter

As the weather starts to cool down, you’re probably going to be looking for ways to keep your archery skills sharp indoors. Joining a league is a great way to flex your archery muscles, connect with other archers, and compare your scores to your past performances and the other competitors. We’ll give you a breakdown on how to find a range and what to expect when you get there. 

Find a Range

Check out your local archery range’s website to see if they offer leagues. Not sure where your local range is? You can use our store locator to find a range near you. Once you’ve entered your zip code, you can set your preferred distance and filter by categories. You can tell the system to show you only shops with ranges or shops that have lessons or coaching, equipment for sale, and club activities. By using our locator, you can find an archery range in your area that you’ve either never heard of or never knew had a league. It will hopefully open up a whole new world of archery opportunities for you. 

What You’ll Do

During your time in the league, you’ll compete against other archers just like you would in a tournament. You’ll compete every week, usually for a few months. Leagues are often held on weeknights, so it shouldn’t interfere with work or school. You’ll launch arrows in multiple rounds and compare your scores to those of the other archers. You’ll be ranked within the league. If the thought of being ranked intimidates you, don’t worry. Leagues are designed for beginners and pros alike. Many leagues will score on a curve. Did you just have a flashback to high school? Same idea. Leagues that use handicaps compare your score against the highest possible. For example, if the highest score possible is 300 and you scored a 250, your handicap is 50. If you scored a 200, your handicap is 100. A lower score means a higher handicap. At the end of each round or each competition, points will be added for the archers who scored the lowest and had the highest handicaps. This closes the gap between the highest and lowest scores and makes for an easygoing and beginner-friendly environment. You also have the opportunity to score higher each week.

Benefits of Joining

Joining an archery league can greatly benefit your shooting as well as connect you with other archers. It’s a great way to hone your skill while also making meaningful connections with archers who can give you advice on your form or where to find your next tournament. Having an experienced mentor who’s willing to answer questions is beneficial in any sport, including archery. 

By competing in leagues, you’re basically training yourself for tournaments. You’ll be able to gauge your results against other archers to see how you might perform at a tournament. Most importantly, this will allow you to track your own improvement. You’ll be able to see if your scores get better every week or if areas of your form improve every week. If you get a higher score than you did last week, that’s a win no matter what the highest score of the night was. If you’re grouping your arrows more consistently than ever, that’s a win. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the competition format, you’ll be ready to test your skills at an official tournament. Set goals for yourself every week and see if you can achieve them.

Keep in mind that being competitive is great, but archery should also be fun. Talk to the other archers around you and gather as much advice as you can. 

Try It for Yourself

Whether you’re a beginning archer looking to step into the world of competition or you’re a seasoned archer looking for some camaraderie, leagues can be a great way to use your archery skills. Beginners can either gauge their scores against the performance of other archers or make their mark of success whether they improved from the week before. Leagues are also just pure fun and a great way to interact with other archers. Whatever your reason for joining, we hope you enjoy it!

Find a league at an archery range near you.



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