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New Bows and Gear from the 2023 ATA Show

Did you follow your favorite archery manufacturer’s social media channels during their coverage of the 2023 ATA Show in January? Did you spy something that enticed you to upgrade, or are you a new archer in need of your first set of equipment? Many manufacturers debut new products during the Show, so there was a lot to see. Wherever you’re at in your archery journey, there’s something out there for you. We compiled a roundup of a few of the many items that debuted at the 2023 ATA Show, via the New Product Launch Showcase, below.

Bear Archery Products

Bear has released a special anniversary edition of the Grizzly bow. Photo Credit: 3Rivers Archery

Bear Archery Products launched a 90th anniversary edition of its Grizzly bow. At heart, it’s the same Grizzly bow that Bear has previously produced, a traditional bow designed by Fred Bear himself, but with a new “Green Glass” color scheme and a 90th anniversary logo. Caleb Sorrells, marketing manager for Bear Archery, noted that the new bow has been well received and he predicts that it will do well for Bear. “It will be a great collector’s item on top of being a great bow,” Sorrells said. It’s available in right- or left-hand styles and in six draw weight options from 35 pounds to 60 pounds. It features a crowned, cut-on center arrow shelf with a leather side plate and a bear hair arrow rest. As always, the bow is handcrafted here in the U.S.

PSE Archery

The PSE Fortis debuted at the 2023 ATA Show. Photo Credit: PSE Archery

PSE Archery debuted multiple bows at the 2023 ATA Show, including the Fortis. “The 2023 Fortis optimizes and enhances PSE’s most stable and efficient hunting platform, elevating your shooting experience to the highest levels,” PSE said in a Facebook post about the bow. It can shoot up to 345 feet per second and has PSE’s full draw stability system, EZ.220 Snap Spacers for easier tuning, a new Kill-Shok Damper to reduce bow vibration, a new Traxion Tech Grip and a Picatinny rail to mount your sight. You can choose from the EC2, E2 and S2 cams.


A PSE Facebook post lists the 2023 Nock On Unite as “meticulously engineered to John Dudley’s specifications.” It also comes with the EC2, E2 or S2 cam and is equipped with PSE’s full draw stability system, EZ.220 Snap Spacers and a Picatinny rail. The PSE Facebook post also says the bow delivers “maximum forgiveness with greater speeds.”

T.R.U. Ball/Axcel

Axcel’s new Ranger Pin is an upgraded sight pin on the AXCEL Landslyde sights. With the new Ranger Pin, the distance from the top pin to the bottom pin is .225 inch. The sight can be used for distances between 20 and 40 yards. 

T.R.U. Ball’s new Trident handle release is the “first-ever high-end thumb activated target and hunting release that automatically resets itself without any lag. It immediately fires under bow poundage,” according to the T.R.U. Ball website. The website also lists the release as having an ultra-crisp trigger and an ultra-flex personalized fit system with an adjustable three-finger piece that offers 30 degrees of radial rotation, 15 degrees forward and 15 degrees backward.

The Antler Ridge Hunting Stabilizer Kit comes with a 12-inch front bar, a 10-inch back bar, a front and back Kryptos Arc vibration dampener, an Antler Ridge Trilock adjustable offset mount, a zero-degree Centerlock quick disconnect, two 2-ounce Black Nitride weights on the front bar and two 2-ounce Black Nitride weights on the back bar.

The new Axcel Achieve XP 1.5 and Achieve XP 2.0 sights remove up to 1 ounce from the target end of the sight and are designed to improve balance and reduce vibration, according to a video by T.R.U. Ball. You can also adjust all three of the sight axes and you can align the scope to your eye. It also has a new variable range plate that accommodates compound and recurve archers and is designed for fixed-distance and multi-distance tournaments, so you can use the same sight for all your tournaments.

Next Steps 

Eager to place an order for some new gear after seeing this preview? Check out each of the companies’ websites to learn more about the products. Upgrading your gear can be a great way to reinvigorate your passion for the sport. We all love products that make things a little easier, give us more options, or are simply neat to look at and archery gear is no exception.

Visit or call your local archery shop to see if they have the products you’re interested in in stock.



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