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Give These Archery Influencers a Follow

Everyone loves engaging with exciting content. We also love feeling like we’re connected to professional athletes and other public figures. The archery influencers below have thousands of followers and provide us with content that wows us and makes us feel connected in return. We’re hoping these content creators can influence you to succeed in archery, whether you have one or 1 million followers.

Jennifer Delaney


Pinky ring ????????‍♀️ (wait till end for the better camera angle)… now to add in some distance ???? ???? #archery #archerytrickshots #challenges_tiktok

♬ original sound – Merle’s Footstool

Jennifer Delaney goes by the handle @freedomandfeathers and produces copious videos of archery trick shots for her 1.5 million followers on TikTok. She can be seen launching arrows at targets including a CD, a washer, a can of silly streamers, and a BB. In one video, Delaney passes an arrow through the center of a pinkie ring, the smallest thing she’d ever stuck to a backstop at the time. Delaney not only showcases her out-of-this-world archery skills through trick shots, but she takes TikTok trends and uses them to sprinkle in funny videos throughout her page that always manage to circle back to her beloved bows. 

When watching her videos, please remember that Delaney is a professional, and pay attention to any disclaimers that indicate a higher-level trick that shouldn’t be tried by a beginner.

James Jean

James Jean goes by @jamesjeantrickshots and his TikTok page is filled with nonstop, high-octane videos of archery trick shots that defy the laws of gravity for his 360,400 followers. He can curve an arrow around objects, skip arrows like rocks, and launch eight arrows and pop eight balloons at once. While Jean is incredibly talented, his videos often demonstrate very dangerous tricks. Please do not try them at home.

Jean partners with Bear Archery, so fans of the brand will be able to see some of their favorite bows in these demonstrations. He also set a Guinness World Record for the fastest moving target hit with an arrow at 48 mph and showcased his talents on the Go-Big Show on TBS. 

Ana Paula Vazquez

Vazquez posts about archery competitions and practice. Photo Credit: Ana Paula Vazquez Instagram

Ana Paula Vazquez is @anapau_vazquezfl on Instagram and has 299,000 followers. Vazquez is a member of Team Mexico archery and recently competed in the Tokyo Olympics. She’s also a Pan American Archery Championship record holder.

Vazquez posts a mix of personal photos with photos highlighting and following her archery career, as well as her sponsorships with Hoyt and Nike. She posts reflective content after competitions, like the 2023 Vegas Shoot. She also shares videos of her workouts and archery practices to show the everyday training and effort that goes into being an Olympic archer.  

Sara Lopez

Lopez is known for customizing her equipment. Photo Credit: Sara Lopez Instagram

Sara Lopez, @saralopez150 on Instagram, has 99,000 followers. The Colombian archer’s page showcases the many highlights of her career including archery world records, Guinness World Records, world championship wins and Vegas Shoot wins.

She posts pictures from her various tournaments, giving her followers an inside look at what it’s like to be in the tournament circuit. She also gives close-ups of her gear, including her customized equipment that’s usually bedazzled or otherwise stamped with her name or initials in a fun, creative way.

Bowhunter Planet

Bowhunter Planet, @bowhunterplanet on TikTok, posts bow and product review videos and much more for their 167,700 followers. Various videos demonstrate specific product features of bows such as close-ups of the draw cycle and vibration testing. They also host product giveaways, cover news from the archery and outdoor industry, and answer questions from their followers. They focus on both archery and bowhunting in their videos, so this channel is perfect for those of you who participate in both. 

Casey Kaufhold

Casey posts detailed captions about her tournaments and competitions. Photo Credit: Casey Kaufhold Instgram

Casey Kaufhold, Olympic archer, World Cup champion and Vegas Shoot champion among other titles, has nearly 12,000 followers on her Instagram account, @crazy.casey.04. Kaufhold posts photos from her archery competitions and accompanies them with a caption that breaks down the tournament, her scores and how she felt about her performance. Fans of hers will be able to celebrate and reflect right along with her.

Take a Look

We hope that when archers make their journeys visible and public on social media, it encourages others to visit their local archery range and take up the sport. Whether you’re a lifelong archer or considering taking up archery for the first time, give these pages a follow. We hope it will confirm to you how cool and achievable our sport is.



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