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Showcase Your Archery Equipment 

Archery equipment is more than a tool. It provides an opportunity to practice a passion, lead a lifestyle and connect with like-minded people. When people fall in love with archery, it becomes a part of their identity. Many show off their love for the sport in all kinds of ways. Archers pose with their bows and targets in social media posts. They represent their favorite brands by wearing baseball caps and other logo wear. 

If archery plays a big role in who you are, maybe it’s time to incorporate your passion into your home decor. Here are some fun ways to show off your bow at home.  

Buy a Bow Rack 

You can find bow racks for sale online. Photo Credit: 3Rivers

Bows are beautiful. They come in a variety of colors and designs. From traditional equipment to the latest compounds, bows are fun to look at. Instead of hiding them in a case, consider showcasing them like artwork. Archery display cases show off the equipment while keeping it safe. They come in several styles, from a variety of companies. From garages to workspaces and even living rooms, bow display cases can be put anywhere.   

Shop for a display case style that suits your taste and equipment needs. Some storage options can hold multiple bows. Others display the bow along with arrows. Etsy is a great place to look for custom bow racks. Just be sure to buy a case that holds your bow safely and won’t damage the equipment. Never hang a bow by its string, a cam or a single limb. 

Use a Coat Rack 

A wall-mounted coat rack can easily turn into a bow display. The best part about this idea is that you have so many options. You may even have one around the house already. Coat racks come in a wide range of sizes and styles. You can pick up a cheap one or buy one that matches your home decor. 

Hang the frame on the peg, not the string or cam. If you have multiple bows, make sure they’re spaced far enough apart. You may want to remove extra pegs to make space for multiple bows.  Also, choose pegs made of a material that won’t damage the equipment like wood, felt or a rubber-coated surface. Be sure it’s secured safely to the wall. Multiple bows will be much heavier than coats. The last thing you want is for it to come crashing down and damage your equipment.   

DIY Bow Rack 

You can make your own bow rack with recycled wood and iron pipes, like the one pictured above. Photo Credit: ATA

A do-it-yourself bow rack can be as simple as a single hook or as elaborate as a custom rack with intricate designs. Some archers choose to hang a simple hook. This keeps all the focus on the bow. Plus, it’s quick, easy and cheap. Just be sure the hook is secured into a stud. Rubber-coated hooks work best. Some archers use shelving brackets, without the shelf. Just be sure to coat the hard material with something soft. While many people choose display cases that hang, some build wooden cases that sit on the floor. 

Always Follow the Rules of Safe Storage 

Always make sure to hang your bows by the frame, not the string or cams. Photo Credit: ATA

When you put your bow on display, be sure to do it safely. Here are some tips to keep people and your equipment safe:  

  • Never hang a bow by its string, a cam or a single limb. This will cause unnecessary wear. Instead, hang it by its frame.
  • When using a wall mount, be sure it’s secure enough to hold the weight. 
  • For homes with young children, keep the bow out of their reach or in rooms they can’t access.  
  • Bows should be stored in climate-controlled areas. 
  • Dust equipment. 
  • Avoid displays in direct sunlight. 

Whether it’s for convenience or to add some flair, bow display cases are a fun addition to any home. 



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