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Time to Sign Up for an Indoor Winter Archery League!


When you join an archery league, you’re guaranteed to be around people who share at least one common interest: archery, of course. Though it’s a simple building block, the connections you make on the range could have a lasting impact on your life. You could find one of your greatest friends, coaches, sources of inspiration, or all of the above. Sign up for an indoor league this winter and experience the benefits for yourself.

Preparation for Tournaments


Leagues will help prepare you for indoor tournaments. Photo Credit: USA Archery


Taking that first step in joining a league can also open you up to the world of competitive archery. Leagues are a great way to “get your feet wet” with the conditions and format of an archery competition. If you find that you enjoy the competitive nature of leagues, look into tournaments and nationwide competitions. By starting with a league, you’ll gather a basic understanding of how to compete in archery and have the advantage of a bit of experience before you even step foot on the tournament floor.

Challenge Yourself

Competing alongside other archers gives you the chance to see other archers at work, in real time. Participating in a league can be a great way to observe other archers’ form and possibly discover inconsistencies in your own form you need to correct but never noticed before. Don’t be afraid to ask other archers for advice. If you see another archer who’s scoring well, ask them if they have any tips or pointers. The archery community is a welcoming one, and you might be surprised at how willing other archers are to help you.

Simply practicing next to someone who’s scoring at a level where you’d like to be can help you advance, whether you talk to them or not. Wanting to rise to the occasion will spark a desire to perform better, and you could find yourself in a more focused headspace because of it. Other archers can offer advice and show you what proper form should look like, but the only person you should worry about being better than is your past self. Bettering your scores from the previous week is the definition of improvement.

Have Fun


Participating in a league can be both competitive and fun. Photo Credit: Music City Archery


Most importantly, leagues are fun! Yes, there’s scoring, but the scores don’t have to matter if you don’t want them to. Simply having fun with your bow, without paying any attention to your scores, and being among friends is a great way to spend an evening. Leagues should make you excited about archery and they can also easily become the place where you meet and hang out with some of your best friends.

Make Your Own League

If the shops near you don’t offer leagues, gather a group of friends and fellow archers and start your own informal league. Decide on a day and time to meet at the range every week. You can keep track of your scores among your group and create your own unofficial league. Make sure you reserve range time if it’s necessary at your range.

Find One Near You

An easy way to find an indoor archery league near you is to check Archery 360’s store locator. It houses a large database of archery shops and ranges throughout the country. The locator has graphics and indicators that tell you what services the shops offer, so you can filter by leagues to narrow your search. Then, follow the link to their website or call the store to sign up.

Joining an archery league can be a great steppingstone for archers. Participating in a league will expose you to other archers and prepare you for tournaments and competitions. Check out the store locator and sign up for something new and exciting this winter.





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