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New Archery Products for 2024


The archery and bowhunting industry gathered in St. Louis, Jan. 11-13, for the 2024 ATA Show. Manufacturing exhibitors launched a record 156 new archery and bowhunting products at the Show, giving industry professionals a first look at products unveiled for the new year.

A panel of industry experts evaluated the products based on their new product design, innovation and ability to meet customer demands. They awarded winners in first, second and third place in the ATA’s New Product Launch Showcase.

The top three winning products were bowhunting related but there were many new general archery products to get excited about. Read about the winners below and see other top favorites from our judges. Visit your local archery pro shop and consider adding these new products to your archery arsenal in 2024.


1st Place: StealthRig Lite by StealthRig LLC

The StealthRig Lite is the company’s newest magnetic-based vehicle for carrying a bow. The harness secures your bow but leaves it easily accessible if a shot opportunity presents itself while you’re hiking into, out of or through the woods. It can be worn with other bino harnesses, on a pack or on a truck seat. It was designed with a wide range of functions and allows for easy storage or retrieval of your bow. The product retails for $200.


2nd Place: Hypo 2 Blade by Annihilator Broadheads

The Hypo 2 Blade broadhead is a two-blade broadhead with 10 smaller blades on a single bevel platform. It was designed to fly quietly, perform like a field tip and kill quarry quickly. The broadhead has little drag and is known for immediately leaving blood on the ground. The Hypo 2 Blade is available in 100/125/200-grain models. The broadheads will be available in June 2024 for about $80 for a pack of three.


3rd Place: HyperLite Climbing Sticks by Trophyline USA

The HyperLite Climbing Sticks are beyond ultralight. According to the company, ounce for ounce, they’re the lightest, strongest, quietest and most compact climbing sticks on the market. They’re created out of a new proprietary material called Magnite, which is 33% lighter, 22% stronger, 110% harder, and has three times more vibration dampening than current aluminum. The HyperLite climbing sticks are 16 inches step to step and9 inches wide, and they weigh 17.5 ounces each, or 4.4 pounds for a four-pack. They have a 300-pound weight rating and retail for $449 per four-pack.


Other Top Products from the 2024 ATA Show

T.R.U. Ball’s Ultimate Flex release was awarded Best New Release at the 2024 ATA Show. Photo Credit: ATA

The ATA’s panel of industry expert judges also deemed winners in the six following product categories:

  • Best New Bow: Ballista MegaBAT by Ballista
  • Best New Broadhead: Hypo 2 Blade by Annihilator Broadheads
  • Best New Release: The Ultimate Flex by T.R.U. Ball & Axcel Archery
  • Best New Technology: QuivAR – Archery Shot Analysis App by QuivAR
  • Best New Gear: Tetrad Ultimate Duffle Bag by Twisted Iron Hunting
  • Best New Accessory: Tree Gear Collection by Jakt Gear


Honorable mention archery-specific products include:

  • Achieve XP Pro by T.R.U. Ball & Axcel Archery
  • Quick Exchange Weights by Hamskea Archery Solutions LLC
  • Rivet Linkage Style Release by FeraDyne Outdoors
  • Tetra RYZ X3 by HHA Sports
  • Morrell Boa Compression Archery Target by Morrell Targets
  • Traveler Bow Case by MTM Molded Products
  • QAD ULTRAREST Integrate MX2 by Quality Archery Designs


ATA members could see, touch and test all the products released on Day 1 of the Show. Many retail pro shop owners from across the country placed their orders and will receive these new items this year. Visit your local archery pro shop to check them out and learn more about the latest products on the market for 2024.



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