Embed Our News Feed! Embed Our News Feed!

Interested in sharing Archery360.com content on your site? Follow this guide to find out how you can embed our auto-updating news feed widget on your page.

Embedding the widget code in your site

<div class="feedgrabbr_widget" id="fgid_657ecc1be6d15588653a7bb66"></div>
<script>if (typeof (fg_widgets) === "undefined") fg_widgets = new Array();
<script async src="https://www.feedgrabbr.com/widget/fgwidget.js"></script>
  • Copy the above code snippet to your clipboard.
  • Log into your website editor.
  • Edit the page on which you would like the news feed to appear.
  • In your content editor, switch to HTML or Plain Text editing mode. If you can’t find this right away look for a button with the words  ‘Custom HTML’, ‘Source’, ‘Code’ or ‘Text’.
  • Paste the code snippet into your editor and save the page.
  • A news feed resembling the Archery360.com Feed below should appear, this widget will resize to fit different screen sizes and devices.
  • Enjoy the newest content from Archery 360 on your site!

Not working? Here are some things to check

  • Make sure your website editor allows you to edit HTML. If the code snippet itself shows up on your site, you have pasted it into a Rich Text editor and must find another method.
  • Check that you’ve pasted the code in the correct place— it should not be pasted inside HTML tags like  <p></p> <h1></h1> or <span></span>.
  • Try finding an area that will allow enough space for the content.
  • When in doubt, try pasting the code snippet at the very end or very beginning of your page.

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