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Video: How to Adjust Your Sight

What’s the difference between accuracy and precision? Accuracy is hitting where you aim. Precision is hitting the same spot every time. Archery requires both.

To achieve precision, you need good form and equipment. Accuracy is easier. You simply move your sight until the arrows hit where you aim.

To get started, you’ll need Allen wrenches. Most sights require an Allen wrench to loosen the screws and make adjustments. Pick up a set the next time you visit the archery store, and ask the experts for tips on how to use and adjust your sight.

Watch this video for instructions on how to make the best sight adjustments for your bow. You can also check out the detailed instructions below. to help you get started.

Sight Adjustment 101

To start adjusting your sight, stand close to the target so you can easily shoot three arrows into a “group.” A group is a cluster of arrows that strike close to each other in the target. Why three arrows? By adjusting your sight for the three-arrow average, you reduce human error. If you can shoot three arrows into a tight group, you’ve mastered the hardest part of precision.

Next, adjust your sight to achieve accuracy. First, adjust your horizontal plane. If your arrows group to the left, move your sight to the left. If your arrows hit to the right, move your sight to the right.

To help remember which way to move your sight, imagine adjusting it until it covers your group. Make small adjustments until you get a feel for how far to move the sight. Here’s a tip: Close distances require greater adjustments to see results. Farther distances need smaller adjustments.

Next, make your vertical adjustments. If you use a sight with multiple pins, set the top pin as the closest distance, and the bottom pin as the farthest. If you use a single-pin sight, keep track of your settings by marking the sight tape.

As with your horizontal adjustments, chase the arrows with your sight. If your arrows hit high, move your sight up. If your arrows hit low, move your sight down. It’s that easy! To shoot farther distances, keep moving away from the target until you run out of pins or your groups become inconsistent.

Sighting-in takes some “guess and check.” Don’t get discouraged if you make the wrong adjustment, or struggle to perfectly align the sight. Just keep making small adjustments and focus on making good shots.



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