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Why Sight Leveling is Important and How it’s Done

Archery is all about repeating the same shot over and over. The less variation between shots, the better your accuracy. Most of our accuracy is determined by our archery technique, but an easy way to increase your consistency is to hold your bow level.

If your bow is tilted, it will create left or right misses. Luckily, the bow sight offers a simple solution to this problem. Compound bow sights include a level that makes it easy to consistently hold your bow perfectly straight.

How does it work? When you reach full draw, quickly glance at your level to make sure the bubble is centered. Make any necessary corrections and take your shot. This simple addition to your shot process will save a few points, especially if you shoot 3D or field archery.

For best results, a bow sight must be adjusted, so the level is actually level.

What is sight leveling?

You can’t just screw a sight onto the bow and expect it to give you an accurate reading. A sight level must be calibrated after installation.

You can do this at home with sight leveling tools, or bring your bow into an archery shop where the experts will adjust the sight.

To level a bow sight, you’ll focus on three axes. The first axis adjusts your sight bar, so as you move your sight up and down you don’t get left and right misses. The second axis levels your sight level. The third axis levels the sight for shooting up and downhill. Think of the second axis like leveling a shelf, while the third axis adjustment moves the sight housing like a door on hinges.

Just like there are many ways to tune a bow, there are many ways to level a bow sight. The chosen technique comes down to personal preference. Watch this video to see how it’s done!

Once you or the archery shop pros go through this process, you’ll want to double-check your third axis adjustment. This is called “shooting in” the third axis, and it’s a lot like sighting in your bow.

You’ll shoot at a steep downhill angle to see if you have any left or right impacts. For a right-handed archer, if your arrows are grouping right adjust the third axis by swinging the sight toward you. If your arrows hit left, swing the sight away from you. If all your arrows group in the middle, you can shoot uphill or downhill with confidence.

Need to find an archery shop to level your sight? Click here to find a shop near you.



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