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Archery Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fun excuse for turning yourself into a spooky beast, professional archer, or favorite fictional character. Have fun with your Halloween costume, and check out our suggestions below for great archery-inspired transformations.

Enola Holmes

Wear a Victorian-era dress and carry a wooden longbow to recreate Enola Holmes. Photo Credit: Butlers Cinema Scene

“Enola Holmes” debuted on Netflix in September. Millie Bobby Brown portrays the title character of Enola, Sherlock Holmes’ little sister. The movie is based on the “Enola Holmes Mysteries,” a series of novels by Nancy Springer. Enola dislikes traditional 19th century gender roles, and enjoys archery and fencing.

The film shows Enola’s mother guiding her archery practice in their living room. She uses a simple wooden longbow, which is easy to replicate with PVC pipe. Enola’s leather armguard can be re-created with felt or foam-plastic for the armguard and ribbon for the ties.

Horseback Archer

Horseback archery is a beautiful sport. Combine an inflatable horse costume with a bow and arrow to achieve the effect. Photo Credit: Rosie Hallam/Barcroft Media

Inflatable costumes are popular for Halloween. They can make it look like you’re riding a dinosaur or being abducted by aliens. An inflatable horse costume makes it look like you’re riding the horse. Carry a bow and arrow, and you’ll transform that generic inflatable costume into a story. Horseback archery is a beautiful sport that’s practiced worldwide. This clever costume shows your appreciation for the art.


Choose from a variety of video game characters that practice archery. Photo Credit: My Nintendo News

Archers from video games make wonderful costumes, like Link from the “Legend of Zelda” franchise. This costume combines a whimsical vibe with an element of fantasy. As with most costumes, you can buy the entire wardrobe, including a replica of Link’s bow and arrow, from a costume store. If you’re more of a DIY person, you can make the bow from PVC pipe, paint it the appropriate blue and brown scheme, and use felt for the arrow fletching.

Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, or Green Arrow

There are many comic-book archers to choose from. Pick the one that speaks to you the most. Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Comic-book archers are fun to imitate. Stepping into characters with superpowers creates child-like joy in all of us. Just don the costume and transport yourself to a fun, fictional world. Though archery is technically more of a super-skill than superpower, these characters still live in the comic-book universe, making them ideal for this night of fantasy.

Professional Archer

Wear a t-shirt representing your country or a bow manufacturer to replicate a professional archer’s attire. Photo Credit: World Archery

If you prefer a realistic costume, dress up as a professional archer. Up the ante and become an Olympic archer by slipping a gold medal around your neck. You can buy a plastic gold medal or make your own from string and construction paper.

Use your own bow and arrows as part of your costume. If you don’t own archery equipment, you can make a bow and arrows from PVC pipe; and felt, foam, sticks and ingenuity.

Whichever costume you choose, you’ll have fun transforming into the character and showing your love of archery. To continue your archery adventures after Halloween, visit an archery range to explore the sport’s many options.



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