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Hit the Archery Range for Your Next Date Night

Archery is a fun sport you can share with a loved one when seeking a romantic night out.

If you doubt it, consider Cupid. He had the right idea when he took up the bow and arrow. Follow his lead by taking your significant other to the archery range for a date night on Valentine’s Day, or any day. You’ll fill the air with love and arrows.

A Great Way to Bond

Archery is a sport that lets you talk to one another while you practice. Photo Credit: The Archery Place

Spending time at an archery range is also a great low-pressure first date. You’ll be close enough to enjoy a conversation while getting to know each other, and then pick up an arrow and focus on your shot as you transition between talking and shooting a round. And when it’s time to rest between rounds, you can sit, chat and enjoy each other’s company.

If one of you is an experienced archer and the other is learning, the veteran can teach the novice. If both of you are inexperienced, you can bond by learning together. Many ranges offer lessons and provide equipment for the evening.

You can also book a lesson together as part of a larger group, or schedule a private coaching session. Either way, learning as a team is a great way to grow closer. If you’re both experienced archers, you’ll find date night at the range an enjoyable way to practice while spending time with someone special.

Archery is for Everyone

Archery is also a great way to stay active without doing something that requires advanced athleticism. In fact, experience is unnecessary. And if you lack upper-body strength, you can shoot a bow with a draw weight as low as 10 pounds. No matter your body type and athletic ability, you can shoot archery. You might even surprise yourself by discovering new skills.

To combine two activities into one, see if Archery Tag is available nearby. Archery Tag combines archery and dodgeball, and lets players try to “tag” each other with foam-tipped arrows as they navigate walls and obstacles that hide other players, adding an element similar to laser tag. Getting hit by an arrow might sound strange or painful, but it’s a safe game. The foam-tipped arrows are plushy and won’t leave welts common to paintball. This game is a good choice for those wanting something fun, safe and fast-paced.

No matter the game, archery-related activities are wonderful ways to connect, and something your date might have never considered. If you both enjoy your date, it could turn into something you do together regularly.

If you’d like to visit the range on Valentine’s Day, a local range might be hosting a themed event. Visit our store locator to find a range near you.



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