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Archery Hacks

Archery sometimes requires creative solutions to common problems. A little ingenuity can turn loose screws or forgotten accessories into nonfactors. The above video demonstrates archery hacks that can save your day at the range.

Teflon Tape

Place teflon tape between the shaft and nock to secure the nock. Photo Credit: ATA

Bows generate lots of vibration when shot, which can loosen screws. Teflon tape, a common plumbing material, can prevent and tighten loose screws. Simply wrap Teflon tape around screw threads to prevent a plunger, stabilizer weight, or screw-in points from loosening.

You can also use it to secure nocks. When installing new nocks, you might find they fit too loosely with the arrow shaft. That loose fits lets them turn too easily or come off when you shoot. To cure such issues, tighten the connection by wrapping a piece of Teflon tape between the nock and arrow shaft.

Scoring without a Pen

Punch holes in the side of your target with your arrows to keep track of your scores. Photo Credit: ATA

What happens if you forget to bring a pen to score your shots? Try this fast, easy way to keep score: Use an arrow tip to punch small holes into the target’s corner where you might usually write your scores. One hole tracks the number of ends, and each hole that follows represents 1 point you dropped. For example, a 30 is one hole, 29 is two holes, 28 is three holes, and 27 is four holes.

Arrow Lube

You can use a bar of soap instead of arrow lube. Photo credit: ATA

Commercial arrow lubes are fantastic, but if you forgot to buy one at the shop, consider using Armor All or a soap bar as an alternative lube.

Arrow Straightness

You can test the straightness of your arrow by spinning it on your hand. Photo Credit: ATA

When shooting wood, aluminum or aluminum-carbon arrows, you can check their straightness by spinning them in your hand. Hold the arrow with the point in your palm, and spin the shaft with your thumb and index finger while balancing the arrow on its tip. Or put the arrow point against your nondominant hand’s palm, cradle the shaft near the fletching with your thumb and index finger, and blow on the fletching to make it spin.

Improvised Bow Stand

You can use an arrow to prop up your compound bow. Photo Credit: ATA

A bow stand keeps your bow off the ground when you’re not shooting. If you shoot a compound bow and forgot your stand, simply put a spare arrow to work. Stick the arrow’s point firmly into the ground, and prop its nock against your sight bar.

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