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Anatomy Of A Target Compound Bow

When overhearing target archers discussing equipment, you might think they’re speaking another language. In fact, they are. Archery has its own language. Learning to speak it helps you communicate with other archers and learn the sport faster. And if you enjoy watching competitive archery on TV, knowing its lingo and terminology helps you understand the commentators’ insights and analysis. If you’re tired of calling bow parts “that thing,” or asking other archers for translations, we have the information you need. In this video, we’ll cover the anatomy of a target compound bow, and explain the purpose of each of its parts. To buy any target-bow accessory in the video, visit an archery store to inspect the options in person. Credit: Archery 360

Why Do Arrows Bend? Watch and Learn!

The popular television show “Mythbusters” has covered it, and people who see slow-motion archery videos wonder about it. Do arrows really bend in mid-air, and if so, why? An arrow bends during its flight toward the target – according to World Archery, it’s not as straight as it looks in real time. Top archer Lexi Keller explains why “archer’s paradox” occurs, and its effect on the arrow, and on how archers shoot. Video produced in partnership with World Archery. Credit: World Archery
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