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How to Spot Counterfeit Archery Products

Why Do Arrows Bend? Watch and Learn!

The popular television show “Mythbusters” has covered it, and people who see slow-motion archery videos wonder about it. Do arrows really bend in mid-air, and if so, why?

An arrow bends during its flight toward the target – according to World Archery, it’s not as straight as it looks in real time. Top archer Lexi Keller explains why “archer’s paradox” occurs, and its effect on the arrow, and on how archers shoot. Video produced in partnership with World Archery.

Credit: World Archery

Horseback Archery Ain’t No Joke!

Our girl Abby Casey heads to North Georgia to see what it’s all about. We recently made our way down to Cox Arena in Silver Creek, Georgia, to kick up some dirt with the Chattahoochee Horse Archers. Mounted archery makes any other type of archery seem like cake – try keeping your balance while running wide open on a horse, knocking an arrow and hitting a target at the same time. That’s what the Chattahoochee Horse Archers do, and they do a damn good job at it. Credit: Rated Red

25 Archery Facts That Hit The Bullseye

Archery has been one of the most important inventions in history. Though today it is practiced primarily as a sport, archery formed nations (and destroyed some others). Once it was adapted to warfare, generals and kings demanded their citizens be trained at archery to be ready at a moment’s notice if other armies invaded. Once their archers took to horseback, they became lethal weapons which made invading armies think twice. 

Credit: List 25



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